New Flightdeck for the A340-600HGW!

fgfs-screen-317fgfs-screen-318This new version is a mayor leap. Most of the A330 cockpit has been ported to the A340-600HGW. There is still a lot of work to do, but the feeling is totally new.

The overhead panel has some clickable spots. Now it is possible to start the plane manually… no more autostart needed!!!!

Start procedure: APU buttons, then tanks selected, xfeed, bus tie, cutoff (at the pedestal), generators, and engine start. Then turn off APU.

fgfs-screen-319The upper ECAM is new, taken from the A330, and adapted to the A340 systems, and engines. Following versions will continue changing and upgrading the instruments.fgfs-screen-326

The download link is, as always, at the download section of this blog.