Version 42 is here!

After the big moving to the new cockpit (taken from the A330), a lot of work has to be done. But there are alfgfs-screen-371ready some steps forward. The new version has:

  • Some work on the MFD, to make it look more “airbusish”, although there is still a lot to do…
  • ECAM has begun to be ported and adapted. It already has fgfs-screen-376some features:
  • Fuel system. Not completely ended, but already working and reflecting the load of the tanks.
  • Flight control screen. Present, but not fully developed.
  • Cabin temperatura and air conditioning.
  • fgfs-screen-383Door views. Present, but not yet completely adapted.
  • Tail view. A feature that is unique to the A340-600 series, because of it lenght. So pilots can see the whole plane from the tail.
  • Airport view. No more as “touch screen (anachronistish), but with a button beside the Afgfs-screen-380PT button, where you can select the aiport, and zoom it.
  • Besides the ECAM, the ND (Navegational display) is already present, although it has only the Radio and Navigation screen. It was urgently needed, because the NAV programation had to be done with Ffgfs-screen-37012. Now it is possible to program those things in the cockpit.
  • The tiller steering system is now inside the cockpit, too The menu is no more needed. At the captains stick there is a device to steer the front gear, and in fgfs-screen-373the front deck there you can prepare the gear for take-off and landing.
  • Seatbelts. At the overhead panel there is a knob to turn on the seat belt sign.
  • The clock is now working, not the chronometer.
  • As requiered by some users, the simulation now starts with little fuel. Dont forget to fill the tanks before takeoff and connect the tanks!!!!
  • The file is, as always, in the downloads section of this blog.