By this communication I would like to let you know, that I am no longer able to continue developing the Airbus A340-600HGW, the A340-313X, the Boeing 707-320 and the MD-81, MD-82, and MD-83.

These models can still be downloaded from this website, but they will not be developed further by me in a systematic way. If I occasionally do something new, I will let you know in the forum and in the blog, but not much work should be expected.

Due to personal reasons, I have not the time needed to work any more on these planes. And the pace of new FG versions is too quick for me to be able to do the necessary adjustments to each version.

As far as I know, models A340-600HGW, A340-313X and B-707-320 are completely under the GPL license. The MD’s are under the Creative Commons license, as they are derived from the original MD-81, which was under the Creative Commons license. More is explained under each plane. Feel free to continue the work on these models.

Thank you for your support and interest so far.