New version of the A340-313X

fgfs-screen-068There is a new version fo the A340-313X to download. It has only a significative difference: it includes the liveries made by evaair714.

They are wonderful liveries, as you will see!.


fgfs-screen-016I have corrected some data. The autopilot is climbing better (the pic shows the A340-313X climbing from Katmandu) and the empty weight of the plane is accurate.

And a new livery: Finnair. The new version is, as always, at the downloads section of this blog:


fgfs-screen-005I am working on a A340-313X. It will be based on the model authored by Skyop and Ampere, but with a yasim FDM.

I have been testing it on the last days, and it works quite good.