Antonov An-124 Ruslan

I was unable to avoid my desire to fly an Antonov An-124 in Flightgear…

So I made this plane. It is not completely developed yet, but already flyable.

I hope you enjoy it.

Download link at the downloads section of this blog.fgfs-screen-019



By this communication I would like to let you know, that I am no longer able to continue developing the Airbus A340-600HGW, the A340-313X, the Boeing 707-320 and the MD-81, MD-82, and MD-83.

These models can still be downloaded from this website, but they will not be developed further by me in a systematic way. If I occasionally do something new, I will let you know in the forum and in the blog, but not much work should be expected.

Due to personal reasons, I have not the time needed to work any more on these planes. And the pace of new FG versions is too quick for me to be able to do the necessary adjustments to each version.

As far as I know, models A340-600HGW, A340-313X and B-707-320 are completely under the GPL license. The MD’s are under the Creative Commons license, as they are derived from the original MD-81, which was under the Creative Commons license. More is explained under each plane. Feel free to continue the work on these models.

Thank you for your support and interest so far.


New version: model and wingflex!!!!

fgfs-screen-530A new version of the A340-600HGW is here. It is a complete new model, based on the A340-600. This means also new liveries.

The new model is more detailed and accurate. It also includes a new interior and wingflex!!!! Watch the wings moving during severe turbulence!!!!!

It also includes light cones.

Downloads, as always, are here:

New version ready

Version 45 ifgfs-screen-407s here. The most important new feature is the tilting of the landing gears . Now the landing gear tilts when the aircraft is airborne, and of course it comes back to its position at landing.

There has been some work with the sound system, which is still in progress, and the flight control screen of the lower ECAM has been improved. Now most surfaces can be seen there and controlled before landing.

Also the four gear buttons are now able to be seen at the flightdeck.

The new version, number 45, is at the downloads section of this blog.

New Flightdeck for the A340-600HGW!

fgfs-screen-317fgfs-screen-318This new version is a mayor leap. Most of the A330 cockpit has been ported to the A340-600HGW. There is still a lot of work to do, but the feeling is totally new.

The overhead panel has some clickable spots. Now it is possible to start the plane manually… no more autostart needed!!!!

Start procedure: APU buttons, then tanks selected, xfeed, bus tie, cutoff (at the pedestal), generators, and engine start. Then turn off APU.

fgfs-screen-319The upper ECAM is new, taken from the A330, and adapted to the A340 systems, and engines. Following versions will continue changing and upgrading the instruments.fgfs-screen-326

The download link is, as always, at the download section of this blog.

IMAG0280In the downloads section I have added my xml file for the Thrustmaster T-Flight Stick X. Just download it, unzip it, and add it to this directory: